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We have been supporting businesses in their pursuit of new and loyal customers and helping them to increase their turnover in the long-term. We will also make our comprehensive experience in the customer loyalty sector available to your company, ensuring that you can get your business on the path to success.

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Our experience ensures your success

Irrespective of whether you run a small or medium-sized business, are involved in e-commerce, are already running a big business or wish to offer fans, supporters or employees specific shopping benefits, the specialists who make up our experienced teams will look after you to the best of their ability. Take the opportunity to become part of the Shopping Community in which the Loyalty Merchant and shopper both benefit from shopping benefits and thus grow closer together.

Benefits for fans, supporters and colleagues

Organisations with large numbers of members and major business concerns thrive on substantial internal cohesion. Using Cashback World White Label, we are strengthening this cohesion. As fans, supporters and employees benefit when shopping and, at the same time, support their organisation, a win-win situation emerges for both parties. Numerous successful White Label partnerships in several countries demonstrate that this collective positive experience strengthens community spirit exponentially.

Our Story

Since 2021,G-ONE  has been at the forefront of the constant evolution in consumer experiences. Built on a big data platform,G-ONE enables brands to use their existing infrastructure to identify and understand each consumer, and directly communicate with them through mobile technology. Along with a revolutionary for the time, card-less, mobile first loyalty program, the SaaS solution closed the loop on customer acquisition, engagement and retention, finding takers across the world.

With the explosion of ecommerce in the following decade, Capillary addressed another major pain point brands were facing, which was to quickly, easily and reliably establish an online presence. We helped brands deliver enriched online experiences with ease. Other products developments powered brands to look beyond just their physical stores or online portals and explore the multiple engagement and commerce channels.

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